When hotel prices drop July 24, 2019 by Raul Belford

Top Reasons Hotel Prices Alterar

1. Room Occupancy & Seasonal Demand

Room availability and customer demand have the biggest influence on hotel prices. If you are searching for accommodations during the most popular months for tourists, or there is a conference or festival happening in the city, hotel prices will rise in response to the high demand.

At the same time, hotel rooms can be booked for a fraction of the cost during months, weeks or days when there is low demand. Experimenting with different dates in the Skyscanner hotel search tool can help identify a range of prices.

2. A Hotel’s Central Location

In most cities, hotels that are centrally located, and particularly the hotels that are closest to the most popular tourist attractions, will be priced higher than hotels that are further from downtown or located in less fashionable areas of the city. If you do not mind traveling further to explore the city’s points of interest then you can make significant savings.

3. Type of Room

The competition between hotels in popular destinations has led to an increased diversification of the category of room available to book. Beyond, standard, family room and suite, there may be further options to choose whether your room has a sea view, the size of the bed in your accommodations, the amenities available. All these factors will affect the overall price.

4. Price Matching Between Brands

For most locations where there are a variety of hotels available, there will be an element of deal matching across different hotel brands. If there are a high concentration of hotels in the same part of the city then smart travelers will check all the available deals before booking their stay. Look at the map on the Skyscanner hotel results page to see if there are other options nearby.

5. Time of Year

Find out what time of year is the off-season for the destination you wish to visit and you may find this is the best way to save some money. Even within peak season, it might be possible to save money by booking weekday stays instead of weekends as the demand is usually lower so prices may respond to that.

6. Summer Hotel Rates

Summer vacations can lead to the most expensive prices for hotels. Often cities that are known as summer destinations will aim to maximize their income before the off season by increasing prices. Summer locations that have year-round visitors and more available hotel rooms tend to be less affected by seasonal variations.

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